Software used for We The People 2013 Project

Windows 8 and soon to be 8.1

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012.. I can do a fast sort on image by date or GeoTag and I load images direct to SkyDrive and other online photo sites.  Also lets me do a quick email and does the resizing. Lots of other goodies in WPG, the pano app is a great add-in.

Windows Live Movie Maker is also a good free program for a quick edit. It let’s me title and credit, add fades, dissolves transitions and effects and then I can save for whatever use I want. For me on this project I post to YouTube so it’s a quick save and then post. Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker

Another great quick edit tool is FastStone Image Viewer. Batch editing for jpeg’s is great. Pick the files you want and then resize, change DPI, color depth, file compression, rename, etc. and press the button, done.

Everything I shoot is Nikon raw, so the program I use is Capture NX2. Reminds me of being back in the darkroom, I can burn and dodge with ease. Same for sharping, contrast, color control and most anything else you want to do.

Last and most used is Photo Mechanic. I use this program to ingest images from the camera. As they are ingested the I can pre-program the software to lay-in information to the images. You can write to the  IPTC and Exif metadata later and add additional information for each image or as a batch. No matter what kind of photography you do this program is a life saver. Edit, tag, order, color code and rip jpeg’s in a flash. Take a moment, visit Camera Bits and read up on all the details of what this program can do for you.

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