Camera gear for We The People 2013 project.

3 Nikon D800’s – 2 for stills, wide and long and the other for video.

Main lenses are Nikon’s 28 1.8 G and 70-200 4 G ED. Additional lenses are 14-24, 20, 85 1/8 D, 70-300 f4.5 G and a 20, all Nikon.

For the video I’m using a 70’s 24 f2. Keeps me close enough to hear the subject for recording and allows me to frame the subject in their environment. I try to f8/11 to keep whatever in some sort of focus. With no auto focus and just me the depth of field is a bit of help. I use the live view and the Playback zoom in button to get a good focus, stop down and off we go.

Video D800 is mounted on a K-Tec Norbert Sport and I use a Rode VideoMic Pro for recording. Couple of ProMaster LED-120’s for fill when I need it.

Additional lenses from the past to use for still or video; 16 full frame fisheye, 18, 20, 24, 28, 85, 105 (f1.8 nice), 180, 80-200, 400 f4.5 ED and a 500 mirror… all Nikon. I’m glad I kept my old lenses.

Bunch of SB-800 and a new 910, plus some stands and various clamps.

3 Hero’s, Black with battery packs and the suction mounts. Oh, and 45″ hiking boot shoe laces, waxed. They get tied to the cameras and thru a window or door on the car. Hero’s have seen some speeds in excess of 60, so a just in case protection. I put a mount on the front of the car using the display mount the camera is on when you buy it. Mounted it to a plywood square and then to the car. Makes for a nice low angle. Then the mount on the top of the car give the same view but higher.

I did a shoot across the Golden Gate with all 3 cameras. The low front mount, high mount top front of the roof and the last pointing straight up from the back of the roof. I’ve got to get the shoots edited together and posted. Individual files look great. Fun!

Course when you have lots to choose from and end up using just a couple of pieces for most of shoots.

Oh, and then there is the Nokia Lumina 1020, but that’s another story.


WP_20130912_10_47_16_Pro   WP_20130826_15_57_26_Pro   WP_20130824_16_49_34_Pro   WP_20130822_17_04_15_Pro WP_20130801_17_08_00_Pro   WP_20130801_17_07_50_Pro   WP_20130801_17_18_24_Pro   WP_20130801_17_35_52_ProWP_20130706_008 (1)

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